… or think Autumn is Awesome

Everyone & their mom seems to be in love with fall.

 It comes around with all the pumpkin spice flavored everything and beautiful colors of the leaves…

But no one seems to mention the fact that those beautiful leaves are DYING!

Which leads me to my first reason why I don’t just LOVE fall:

Yes, the colors of autumn are gorgeous, and if I could get up to New England at any point between late September to late October, I would be happy & my phone would be overloaded with pictures!

 But no one seems to recall what happens once the leaves are done changing, fall to the ground, are raked up and gone to the dump.

All that’s left is the dreary browns of naked trees, that, unless you live in the bitter cold north where snow falls & gives a beautiful white coating to hide that “dreary brown” the world around looks quite sad.

And don’t even get me started on that cold!

 As the last of the leaves fall, so does the temperature to a point that is not comfortable, and can sometimes be quite miserable UNLESS you layer up.

And those layers mean more work when I’m picking out my outfits.

I’m a tank top and shorts girl for the most part – quick & simple, not a whole lot of thought needed.

But now, I have to wear at least 5 visible articles of clothing and put in two to three times the thought to make sure they match & coordinate, topping them off (or bottoming them off, I should say) with a pair of boots!

And as my toes are crammed into those boots, boy do they miss the freedom of sandals & flip flops, which, unless I go on a warm vacation, they wont get to experience for about 5 months.

That’s a long time for feet that would rather be barefoot!

So, no, world, I am not in love with fall.

 Autumn is not the greatest season.

Call me when spring comes around, bringing forth it’s new life (with color), warming weather, and a reason to pack away the sweaters & boots (while freeing my toes) until the next time the PSL makes it’s yearly debut.

Until then, I’m going to make a like a bear & hibernate… oh, right, I don’t have that option, I have to keep living my life no matter the season… but I may be a little bit bearish in my attitude, especially if I come across someone proclaiming that fall is, like, the Best. Season. Ever. (<– and yes, I am being sarcastic in my grammar there, because I also hate when people do that).

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