Looking for prompts that are a little more random than a thematic monthly list?
Me, too – I’m sick of finding monthly prompt lists that are based around themes (I can only write about so many sea creatures in a month before I go bonkers!).
So I created #ShinePrompts for anyone who wants creative prompts.

Paint? Dance? Write? Draw? Photograph? Cook?

Whatever your creative endeavor, I hope these help move you to create more often!

These prompts are meant to be  starting point only.
Don’t be too strict – maybe the word makes you think of something else?
For example, I did a prompt list once, and one of the words was “jellyfish” which made me think of an episode of “Friends” so that’s what I wrote about. Barely even mentioned jellyfish!

Is the word for today just not doing anything for you?

  • Try adding a prefix or suffix (re, pre, ed, ing, er, etc…) if it works or change the tense.
  • Use a thesaurus to find related words.
  • Or the dictionary to stir up thoughts!
  • You could also try this word associations website to see if something else comes up that does move you (or maybe the word makes you think of another word – you can totally do your own word association).
  • Use a rhyming dictionary to find a word that rhymes with it.

There aren’t any rules!

You can use September’s list in April if you want.
Or go backwards and start with the 30th and end with the 1st.

Whatever you do, just create something (anything!).
And don’t feel bad if you don’t do every single one, every day – that’s okay – no pressure here!

Just inspiration.

Here are September and Octobers list (if that’s when you choose to use them).
Check back end of October for November and December’s list!

Share your creative work by adding the hashtag #ShinePrompts on the socials!!!
Feel free to share these prompts, too.


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