When I am working out I often times feel that I’ve come to a point in a certain move or exercise where I’ve met my limit. My mind fills with thoughts like:

  • “I can’t move any deeper into this yoga pose.”
  • “I can’t hold this plank any longer.”
  • “I can’t run any faster.”
  • “I can’t do one more repetition.”
  • All the “I can’ts” of working out fill my mind.

I always love when I’m in a class and hit that threshold, but the instructor says:

  • “Go a little deeper as you breathe out.”
  • “Just a few more seconds.”
  • “Increase your rate just a little.”
  • “You’re almost done, you can make it.”
  • Or any number of encouragements to help me push past where I think my limits are.

I don’t always work out in a class or with someone speaking over my shoulder cheering me on and pushing me. In those moments I’m all too likely to give in. Sure, there are times when I really can’t do any more and I’ve completely exhausted myself (so it’s important that I am in tune with my body to avoid injury). But the other times, those times when my mind is telling me I’m done when my body could handle just a bit more, I often struggle with motivation.

So I come to you, my readers, I would love to know what you do to help push past those moments – how do you get yourself to:

  • push deeper
  • hold longer
  • go faster
  • do a few more?

I’m sure we all have great advice we can share with each other!

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  1. I’ll get my own ball going!
    Sometimes when I feel like I’m nearing the end of my energy tank I find a super empowering, high energy song.
    “Confident” by Demi Lovato has been a regular lately (sure, sounds cliché, but it works!)

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