I want to start this post with it being clearly said that I am guilty of what you are about to read.

That being said, let’s discuss a bit about “politeness” – and how, in the US culture (especially the south, where I currently reside) that we are SO polite that we lie. Now, I’m not sure how lying is better than just being polite.

Take for instance when someone gives a sales pitch. Maybe you (or I) are somewhat intrigued or interested in the product, but don’t want to purchase it quite yet (Too broke? Yeah, me, too!). Maybe you (or I) aren’t interested. Either way, there seems to be a lot of responses that speak contrary to those feelings, such as:

“Oh, thanks, I’ll be back.”
“I need to go meet someone, but I’ll be back.”
“I just got here, but I’ll loop back around.”
“How long will you be here?”
“Will you be here tomorrow?”
“I’ll think about it and come back.”
Etc… (you get my drift, right)
There’s also:
“This is great, I’ll check it out online.” (Hello, I don’t get my commission that way!)

Being on both sides, I get it. If you are the consumer, you want to be polite and you can tell that the person is working very hard.

But let’s think about this from the sellers side for a second: Many sellers work on commissions or sales goals, so when a newbie hears these statements it gives them hope (false hope 95% of the time). Many sales people learn that these are generally brush-offs, so can make them jaded after time.

Let’s be real people – and that is a way to be TRULY polite.


“Not what I’m looking for right now.”
“I don’t need that.”
“No thanks” (short & sweet)
“I don’t really have the money.”

The truth, it’s polite!

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