First off, I survived!!! As did a few cows, pigs, chickens, and/or turkeys 😉 Well, I’m sure I had no affect on their population, but I do know that I did, in fact, survive!

Secondly, I wasn’t all that hungry like I thought I would be! My theory is that I was getting a lot more variety in nutrients so my body wasn’t craving as much nourishment. I will admit that I wasn’t working out quite as much during this week as I usually do, so I’m not sure if that affected my diminished hunger.

Third off, I created some new favorite meals:

  • Trader Joe’s veggie burger, a thick, grilled slice of red onion, and an avocado spread (similar to guacamole but without cilantro, onion, or tomato/salsa), on a piece of whole grain bread with carrots & green beans on side.
  • Quinoa fried rice: Red onions & carrots cut up small & stir fried in a bit of sesame oil with some crushed garlic (cook until onions are translucent). Add cooked peas &/or edamame, and a couple cups of cooked quinoa. Douse with soy sauce! This is vegetarian & can be gluten free if you choose your soy sauce well. I would add a side of broccoli, too.

Fourth, and most amazing, I didn’t really miss or crave meat that much at all!

Fifth, I attended TWO potlucks in this time & although some of the meat dishes looked tempting, I resisted! Go me! I did bring some the aforementioned quinoa fried rice, which I loaded up on!

Lastly, I think I want to do this on the regular. When I get back to a life with a semi-stable schedule I’d like to do something like go meat-free the first week of the month. I know some people do meatless Mondays or a variation, but I actually enjoyed the whole week.

And no, I will never go full vegetarian. NOT A CHANCE!

My last meal before starting this week was a steak & my first meal of meat after was Sesame Beef at my favorite Chinese restaurant in SoCal: City Wok. So not just meat, but BEEF (which I am allergic to – but still eat on rare occasions)! Yum! I love meat WAY too much to go vegetarian!

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