I absolutely LOVE live music.

Artists pour so much of themselves out onto the stage in sweat, talent, and emotion.
There’s also something so magical about being at a concert, surrounded by other fans, enjoying the outpouring happening from the stage.
The energy is electric (so much so that I tend to be buzzing for hours once I get home, despite how early I may need to get up the next day – but those tired mornings are so worth it).

All that being said, I (typically) HATE live albums.

No matter how good the production quality is (which it has come a long way in recent years) it’s never quite good enough for my discerning ears.
Let’s not forget that no technology could ever capture the sights, smells, and feeling of being at a show
There’s magic when we are all standing shoulder to shoulder as fans all entranced in the moment (at least the ones who aren’t annoyingly holding up their phone to take a million pics or record every song – PS: stop it all ready!).
That magic, or the energy, can’t be duplicated (for me at least).

My thoughts on this perplex many people (but let’s be real, many things about me perplex even those closest to me).

What are your thoughts? Live albums – yay or nay?


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