Heidi’s Mark (Pt. 7)

An INTERACTIVE story experience where YOUR comments affect future chapters.
(Romance / Chick-Lit)


Pushing him away, I manage to mumble out, “Wha-wha-what are you do-doing?”

I sheepishly look down into my lap, but my hands are still up against his shoulders keeping him at a distance. I barely knew this man in front of me despite having spent nearly the first decade of our lives a few doors down from each other. But eighteen more years have gone by, so it’s not like we were the same two kids on the playground anymore. Granted, from today, I could tell that between him and his brother Mark, that he had changed the least. Both were still caring gentleman, but Jeff was still immature, unsettled, and for me, at this moment, unsettling.

I stood up, continuing to push his shoulders away and down so he wouldn’t stand up with me.

“I-I should go,” I say as I finally release his shoulders and turn towards the apartment door.

He rises and reaches for me, “Don’t, I’m sorry.”

I shrug off his hand and make for the door.

As I head towards the stairs (because waiting for the elevator just gave Jeff a chance to catch up with me) I reach for my phone in my purse and pull it out. As soon as I have it in front of me I start texting Kayla and Marie.

You home? I need to talk!

I get to the bottom of the few flights of stairs and out to my car and feel the buzz in my hand, looking down to see Kayla’s response.

I am and Marie should be soon.

Great, I’m coming over.


Kayla knows me all too well because she has a cup of peppermint tea already steeping for me when I get there. I plop down deep into their dilapidated beige couch and she hands me the steaming mug. I hold it close to my face and draw my knees up close. I take a deep breath as Kayla sits down. Glancing over in her direction I see her “whenever you’re ready, I’m listening face.”

I take one more deep breath and then spill the words out, “He kissed me.”

As her eyes open wide, “Really! You don’t sound all that excited,” she pauses, “Wait, which one?”

“Jeff – he was hitting on me all afternoon while I was showing him around town. Then we were at Mark’s looking at pics from last night and he kept complimenting me and then kissed me, out of nowhere.”

“And how did you feel about it?”

The door closes and we both hear Marie, “Feel about what?”

Kayla answers for me overly eager, “Jeff kissed Heidi!”

“Oh, wow! So how did you feel?” Marie says reiterating Kayla’s interrupted question.

“Surprised, to say the least. Surprised he did it and surprised that I didn’t want this very attractive man kissing me. I pushed him away as fast as I could.”

“Why? He’s hot,” Kayla says.

“Not that that’s a reason to kiss someone,” Marie chimes in, “Seriously though, why didn’t you want him to kiss you?”

“I’ve been thinking about that the whole way here. I felt a little guilty and that I needed to escape as fast as I could. It all seemed so wrong. We were sitting in Mark’s apartment, smelling Mark’s scents, but kissing his brother. I think a part of me wanted to be kissing Mark. Now I doubt that will ever happen!”



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What kind of further consoling/advice should Heidi’s friends offer?
Should they call Sammy (Marie’s boyfriend) for a guy’s perspective?
How does Mark find out? Jeff or Heidi?
Do you think Heidi still has a chance with Mark despite this moment with Jeff?


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