Heidi’s Mark (Pt. 5)

An INTERACTIVE story experience where YOUR comments affect future chapters.
(Romance / Chick-Lit)


As Mark and Jeff approached my friends and me I was dumbfounded. I had no idea that Jeff was going to be there! I think Mark could tell I was shocked.

“I take it from your face that you didn’t get my text?”

“Text? No, I must have missed it,” I responded while pulling my phone out.

Running a little late – my brother surprised me by coming into town. We’ll be there soon.

“Here it is! Oh well, what a nice surprise! How are you, Jeff?”

“I’m good. So glad I got to see you play and I think I got a few nice shots of you,” he said with a smooth smirk on his face. I got the sense that he was rather confident when it came to the ladies.

I proceeded to introduce them quickly to my friends while Poets & Problems started their set. I encouraged them to hush down to hear the band because I had definitely become a fan during their brief sound check and had been looking forward to their set.


After Poets & Problems wrapped their set most of my friends, Mark, Jeff, and I headed to the pizza place next door. I was starving on account of not eating before the show and it was now around 11 pm. The restaurant looks like it hadn’t been updated since the early 80s with generic fast food booths in a faded orange color and mustard yellow tables. The neon lights that actually worked buzzed above our head and the radio from the back kitchen provided some additional background noise. We each ordered our own and crammed into a booth. Sammy pulled up a few chairs from along the wall by the counter usually reserved for customers who purchased to-go orders. I ended up in the middle between Mark and Jeff.

As Kayla settled in across from me with a few other friends I made eye contact with her and shot her a look that I hope she would interpret as “Can you believe how hot these guys are?” and based on her expression back, she knew what I was thinking. As we all sat there talking (and by talking, my friends were drilling these two new handsome strangers) I noticed that Mark and Jeff had more differences than just their height. Mark was the strong, silent type while Jeff was talkative and very charismatic. Both were very charming and endearing in their own unique ways. Throughout the conversation, I got more of the same types of look from both Kayla and Marie, and even a few from Sammy! I think they could tell I was in trouble.


We left the pizza joint well after midnight. Hugs were exchanged, a few handshakes for the guys and everyone headed back to their cars. Mark and Jeff followed me to my car (such gentlemen – *swoon*).

Remembering Mark’s text from the day before I asked, “So, Jeff, what are you going to be doing since Mark is heading back to Chicago for a few days?”

“That’s a good question – I guess I’ll just explore the city. I’ve never been here before,” he says excitedly.

I honestly had no idea how he had so much energy, but it was slightly intoxicating. As I caught a bit of his spirit I volunteered myself, “I get off work at 2:30 tomorrow. We could grab a late lunch and I could show you around a little bit?”

Mark chimed in, “That would be so great. I feel so bad ditching him right after he got there, but duty calls.”

Jeff, agreed enthusiastically so we exchanged numbers while Mark opened the car door for me (seriously – gentlemen!).


I got home that night with an accepted friend request from Jeff and a text from him.

Looking forward to tomorrow 😉

I went to bed with a distinct feeling that tomorrow’s work day was going to seem rather long and that 2:30 would never come.



Answer the following questions or leave any other input or suggestions in the comments. Check back in 2 weeks to see if I’ve incorporated any of your ideas in the next installment!

Uh oh, two handsome male suitors from Heidi’s past!
How close does she grow to Jeff while Mark is out of town?
What does she like more – the strong, silent type (Mark) or the charismatic, charming type (Jeff)?
To those who know Nashville – where should they grab a late lunch? And what sites should Heidi take Jeff to?


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