Heidi’s Mark (Pt. 4)

An INTERACTIVE story experience where YOUR comments affect future chapters.
• (Romance / Chick-Lit) •


I woke up to rain and regret. It was pouring outside and as I slowly started moving in my bed I remembered Mark’s texts last night and regretting every reply.

I already have plans tomorrow night… I thumbed into my phone. I couldn’t believe I was saying no, but for all I know, it was just a friendly dinner, not a date. After our long conversation the day before I thought it could possibly be a date, there was some definite chemistry between us, and I hoped he thought so, too. Before hitting send I knew it was the right choice. I’ve never been able to eat much before a show, plus I had sound check.

I leave for Chicago for a few days, but maybe when I get back?

 Maybe? I couldn’t leave this potential situation to a “maybe” so I typed in another regrettable response: Actually, I’m playing a show tomorrow. You can come if you’d like?

 Yeah? Send me the details. Sounds fun!

 As I texted him all the pertinent information for the show, I didn’t know if I was excited or nervous. More nervous, that is. Stage fright is nothing new to me, but I’ve learned to manage it for the most part, but I had to go and up the ante for this show. It was too late now.


I got to the venue early, which gave me a chance to see the other artist’s sound check. John Mason, a singer-songwriter, was going on at 8:00 and the L.A. based Poets & Problems, who reminded me a lot of The Civil Wars with an R&B twist, were closing out the night at 10:00. They were both great, and the booker was right – my soulful folk sound was a perfect transition from John to the Poets.

Being on stage, the venue felt bigger than it had before, even when it was empty a few afternoons ago when I dropped off my demo. It’s moments like these I’m thankful for my nearsightedness and my choice to rarely wear my glasses or contacts (I don’t need them legally to drive, so I only wear them to movies or plays). There’s something about a fuzzy audience that makes them less intimidating. I think it’s because I can’t see their facial expressions (good or bad).


Mark hadn’t arrived by the time John was finishing up. Although it helped ease my nerves. I forced myself to not think about why he wasn’t there while the sound guy helped strike John’s equipment and then helped me set up. I did a few quick vocal warm-ups off stage to prepare myself (and occupy my mind).

My most supportive friends were in the audience, including Kayla and Marie. Marie brought her boyfriend Sammy, too. I had told them about Mark and was hoping to introduce them. The three of them joined a few of my other friends near the bar. I felt like I had my own cheering section, especially as I walked on the stage and they went a little too crazy for the size of this small venue. It put a smile on my face nonetheless.

I started my first song, Summer Serenade, and before I hit the first chorus I saw a familiar frame walk through the darkened door at the back of the room. He grabbed a seat at a table a few rows back from the stage, close enough that I could recognize it was Mark despite my poor eyesight. I didn’t want to stare right at him during a love song, so I focused on my friends on the bar.

I continued my set and while adjusting my capo on my guitar I looked up and noticed a tall photographer in the back. I couldn’t make anything else out about him, but he seemed to be taking a lot of photographs. I made a mental note to ask him if he could email me a few shots after the show. I gave him a quick smile before starting into another song.


I got off stage and put my guitar away before meeting my friends (who were once again being way too loud with their cheers for me). As I shushed them I motioned to Mark to come join us at the bar. As he walked up the photographer headed over, too. The two of them approached simultaneously and I not only saw the family resemblance but realized that I had seen (at least in photos online) this tall photographer before – it was Jeff, Mark’s brother!



Answer the following questions or leave any other input or suggestions in the comments. Check back in 2 weeks to see if I’ve incorporated any of your ideas in the next installment!

Uh oh, two handsome male suitors from Heidi’s past!
Mark is heading out of town, but Jeff just arrived – what’s a gal to do?
Anything else you’d like to see happen??? Open forum – skies the limit!


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    This drew me in SO quickly – you are such a great writer!

    1. Thanks! If you have any input on things you’d like to see happen in the story, let me know. It’s interactive 🙂

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