Heidi’s Mark (Pt. 3)

An INTERACTIVE story experience where YOUR comments affect future chapters.
(Romance / Chick-Lit) •


Mark & I sat at the coffee shop for nearly two hours catching each other up on our highlights of the past 20 years. Most recently he had been living in Chicago working for a large, corporate real estate company until they offered him the chance to move down here to Nashville to run their offices here. He moved here six months ago and has slowly been adjusting to southern life and doing business in music city. To top it off, he’s still single! I couldn’t believe it because he would definitely be a catch. We ended our talk by exchanging numbers and deciding to grab dinner sometime soon.

The next day my phone rang and I practically jumped off the couch and pounced on the coffee table where it sat. I answered the phone without looking, hoping it was Mark setting up our dinner plans, but it was the booker from the venue, The Lodge.

“Hey, I got your demo. Thanks for dropping it off.”

Timidly, I asked, “Did you get a chance to listen to it yet?”

“Yeah, and it was good timing too. We actually had an artist back out tomorrow night if you want the spot? 9pm,” he asked, rather upbeat.

I could have hugged the man through the phone, I was so excited, so I, of course, said, “Absolutely!”

“Great,” he replied, “I’ll email you the details. I really think you’ll like the other artists on the slot. You’ll fit right in.”

I thanked him and hung up the phone. I was so excited but knew I had a little work to do for this last minute show. I hopped on my computer and proceeded to blast out the info to all my social networks – I finally had a show that wasn’t an open mic or writers’ round. I didn’t have enough time to find a band, but I’m used to it just being my guitar and me on stage, so it was fine.

Once I finished I decided to find Mark and add him as a friend. I poked around his profile a bit and found a picture of him with his brother, Jeff. They looked alike, but Jeff had actually grown taller and was much leaner. It was almost as if someone cloned Mark, but stretched him out like an old Stretch Armstrong doll. I decided to add Jeff, too, just to see what would happen – I mostly wanted to know where he was and what he was up to, but his account was private, so I couldn’t see any details.

Later that day I was still floating on cloud nine. I looked up the other artists, one was from Los Angeles, and the other was another local. I was sandwiched right in between them. To add to my excitement, a bunch of my friends were texting me letting me know they were coming to the show. I had a good feeling about the following night. Amidst the texts from friends, I finally got one from Mark.

Hey! So great seeing you yesterday. Still want to get dinner?

I smiled ear to ear. Of course!

Great, so I was thinking tomorrow night?



Answer the following questions or leave any other input or suggestions in the comments. Check back in 2 weeks to see if I’ve incorporated any of your ideas in the next installment!

Does she say “yes” to Mark, squeezing dinner in before her show?
Does she invite Mark to the show? Would that make her too nervous?
Anything else you’d like to see happen??? Open forum – skies the limit!


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2 Thoughts to “Heidi’s Mark (Pt. 3)”

  1. Sheila Jo

    Possible twist: the brother (using a stage name) turns out to be one of the other performers.

    1. I like the idea of Jeff being a creative – possibly giving him & Heidi more common ground. Might be a little TOO coincidental for him to be a performer though – especially just a few days after her running into Mark (unless I had already established Mark was in town to see his bro or something like that).

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