Heidi’s Mark (Pt. 11)

An INTERACTIVE story experience where YOUR comments affect future chapters.
(Romance / Chick-Lit)


Jeff’s text was only from 15 minutes prior, I just wanted to let you know that I’m taking off for Memphis tonight, got a shoot first thing tomorrow.

I’m kind of shocked that he is only telling me he’s leaving. He said he was going to smooth things over with Mark. My mind goes in all different directions. First, I think is he really that flakey? Then, is this an attempt to keep Mark and me apart? Next, I wonder if he did talk to him, but it wasn’t favorable for me so he’s avoiding the topic? Before I could think of any more scenarios I decide to text him back while walking down Music Row to my car.

Oh, okay… Too bad you’ll just miss Mark. Doesn’t he get back tomorrow?

Tonight actually but I’ll probably leave before he gets back. I did talk to him on the phone today so it’s cool.

I wait a moment hoping he’ll expand, but have little self-control so respond, Did you talk about what we talked about last night?

Oh, crap, he responds, but before I even finish reading it he sends another, just kidding. Of course, I did. It’s all good.

So, what did you tell him? On the verge of typing in all caps.

The next thing I know my phone is ringing and Jeff’s name pops up on the screen, “Hello,” I answer quizzically.

“Hey, just figured it be easier to explain everything over the phone instead of texting,” he justifies.

“Yeah, great, so what did you say?”

“I pretty much just told him that I was an idiot and hoped that I didn’t ruin anything,” he admits.

“What did he say?”

“He agreed with me that I was an idiot,”

“He’s not alone,” I interrupt with a slight giggle, which is a good sign that I can joke about it. It means I’m less stressed about the whole thing. Maybe the songwriting was cathartic? I arrived at my car and unloaded my guitar into the trunk and climb into the driver’s seat, but just sit there while we chat.

I could hear a smile in his voice, “So, we all agree, I’m an idiot. Anyways, I said to him that I hoped I didn’t ruin his friendship with you, either, you know, if you think we were both alike or something or if I made things awkward. Which I already know you don’t, but he doesn’t. He was very agreeable, typical Mark, and he hoped I didn’t ruin anything either because he was looking forward to getting to know you more.”

“Really? He said that?”

“Yeah. I told him that he should give you a call when he gets back and he said he would. I also told him that I would apologize to you again and ask you not to hold it against him. Granted I already know you won’t, but once again, he doesn’t know that,” he concludes.

“Wow, you did it. Impressive that you were able to tell him what happened, nudge him in my direction, but not let him know how I might feel about him. Do you think he’ll really call?”

“Of course, he’s very reliable. He wouldn’t say he’d call if he wouldn’t,” Jeff assures me before ending the conversation, “Well, I should really get on the road before it gets too late. Keep in touch? Don’t let my idiocracy stop us from being friends.”

“Okay, we all have our moments. Besides, it’d be weird if I unfriended you from Facebook,” I chuckle as we say our goodbyes.

I set my phone on the seat next to me and start my car. As I pull away from the curb butterflies rise up in my stomach (as does a rumble of hunger).



Answer the following questions or leave any other input or suggestions in the comments.
Check back in 2 weeks to see if I’ve incorporated any of your ideas in the next installment!

Does Mark call?
Are there mutual feelings – do they both kind of like each other?
What else would you like to see happen?
With only 1 section left, how do you see this story ending?




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2 Thoughts to “Heidi’s Mark (Pt. 11)”

  1. Heather

    I’d like if Heidi and Mark get together. She hasn’t had suitors for a while and she’s curiously into him. Ending? He asks her on a first date? By the way, I like your humor throughout along with your writing style!

    1. Thanks Heather! I like your ideas… hmmm… we shall see!

      PS: Just imagine if this was actually edited! I literally post my first draft!!! I’ve definitely learned a lot through story 1 & cant wait to start story 2!

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