Heidi’s Mark (Pt. 10)


I must have finally dozed off, but who knows when. I woke up in yet another groggy haze with a little over an hour to get ready and get to the songwriting session. As I try to wake myself up and make myself look more presentable than the zombie that I felt like I couldn’t help but think about what was going to happen with Mark if anything. He wouldn’t be back in town until the next day, so I willed myself to stop thinking about it and just focus on the session.

Poets & Problem’s manager had set us up at a writing room at their publisher’s office on Music Row. I got there with ample time to find some parking which isn’t always the easiest to come by. I manage to find a spot just down the block and walk up to the old house that now is home to a few offices. The publisher is on the second floor so as I make my way up and am greeted by a young receptionist. She guides me to the writing room and I appear to have beaten the band. I set my guitar down and take a seat in a leather armchair. Just as I sit down Shaun strides into the room, followed by Robin, both holding steaming mugs.

“Hey, do you want a tea?” Shaun asks, rather chipper.

“Yes, please,” I say with a bit of desperation, “anything with caffeine would be great!”

“I’ll go grab a mug,” he responds.

As he strolls out of the room, Robin turns to me, “Did you have a long night last night?”

“It’s been a long couple of nights. I’ve had more drama these past few days than the rest of my life combined! I can barely sleep,” I admit.

“Sounds juicy,” Robin says sounding a bit too excited, “maybe we should write about it!”

“Write about what,” Shaun says as he returns to the room with a wonderful cup of Earl Gray.

Robin excitedly turns to Shaun, “Heidi’s been dealing with some drama!”

“Oh, nice, drama is what good songs are made of. Tell us all about it,” Shaun requests.

I was hesitant, but spill the whole story of the past few days to the two members of a band I not only just met, but just heard about a few nights ago. Robin looked as if she was taking notes and Shaun kept asking questions to get more details. As I wrap the story up Shaun pulls out his guitar and starts playing a few chords and humming a melody. Robin starts singing some of what she wrote down while I was talking. After a minute or so they stop, look up at me with wondering eyes.

Flabbergasted I say, “Uh, that sounds awesome! What if we add a minor chord to make it fit the mood a little better?”

Shaun smiles at the idea and plays around with the chords. We continue on, making changes, adding things, and just playing around with the music. Even though we were writing about my drama, it was enough of a distraction to take my mind off of things. We finished up the session with a great song (appropriately names Triangle) and I finally started feeling a little bit more like my old self from a few days ago. As I walk out I pull my phone out of my purse for the first time in hours and notice a text from Jeff…


Answer the following questions or leave any other input or suggestions in the comments. Check back in 2 weeks to see if I’ve incorporated any of your ideas in the next installment!

Do you think Jeff helps Heidi’s chances with Mark or sabotages them?
What could his text say?
What else would you like to see happen as the story begins to resolve?



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