Bender (Lyrics)

This is a song (lyrics only) I wrote in about 15 minutes after having a conversation with a girl who was hung-over after a night of drinking. She got plastered because of some bad news she got the day before, which had compounded on what was a pretty rough week. Since writing this initial draft I’ve been able to workshop the song & there is a link to an edited version at the end.

So you had a rough day
You figured you could drink it away
How’d that turn out for you?
Are all your troubles gone?
Did you manage to right any wrongs?

What made you decide
To go on a bender
What made you think
It would make anything better
All your left with is
A headache
A hang-over
Some hazy memories
Of your tragic little bender

So you have a few problems
But it’s not as if they’re uncommon
It’s not the end of the world
Quit acting like a baby
Teetering on the edge of crazy


You drink until you
Pass out
Black out
Get knocked out cold
How can you expect to fix anything
When you lose all control


Bender 2.0 (after a workshop)

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