Who Is Ré Davis?

She is a writer, nay, a storyteller, across many platforms. She started telling stories at a young age, but never saw it as a viable career path (besides, she had many other ambitions come & go). In high school she started writing (really bad) song lyrics and she kept that up over many years, and now she writes much better songs with the help of cowriters that help bring her lyrics to life.

Amidst her songwriting & other life pursuits, daydreams would often fill her mind. She thought her constant fantasizing was a fault, or weakness, that needed to be improved (read: stopped), but realized that these thoughts weren’t just daydreams, but IDEAS. It wasn’t long after this awareness until she started taking pencil to paper (yep, she’s old school like that) and writing out her ideas – her STORIES.

Now, while still songwriting, she has also started writing a series of children’s books, two novels (with more ideas – including some old, suppressed ideas – coming), and is revamping this blog to help showcase some of her humor & storytelling prowess. Her humor has been compared to Ellen DeGeneres & Amy Schumer (once, each), so hopefully she can live up to that little bit of “hype” while entertaining you through all her stories!

Ré would love for her creative writing pursuits to be her main source of income, but that takes time and development. She doesn’t want to keep pursuing careers that don’t serve her writing, so she recently took up copywriting. Her varied background in many industries (music biz, retail, accounting, medical, childcare & education, events, TV/film production, pet care, etc…) makes her a wealth of knowledge for any writing needs. She’s willing to put in the work of research, editing drafts, and (her favorite) really getting to know her clients to best serve them and capture the voice they want in their copy.

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