A tale of antiquated technology & a sibling rivalry.

I helped my mom clean out the house collecting items for a yard sale this weekend. We came across my brother’s old Nintendo NES and my Gameboy. It got me thinking about all the times we played various games together on these devices and the computers we’ve had throughout the years.

At one point in time we had a classic Apple Macintosh computer (remember the rainbow apple logo?). With it we had a collection of game shows on floppy disks. Wheel of Fortune was a family favorite, as was Family Feud. What I remember about the latter is that you could create your family and play two player against someone else’s family.

I don’t remember who started it, but one of us (my brother or me) would play against the other sibling’s family without the other being there, intentionally making his/her family lose! Then the other started doing the same thing. One day when one of us was playing (it’s a bit blurry as it was a LONG time ago) the other came in & the perpetrator was caught in the act.

The floppy disk was taken out of the drive and a tug of war proceeded with the game as the rope. During the fight, the disk was bent and twisted several times. By the time we finally stopped the madness the disk was ruined. Our true family feud ended our enjoyment of the computer game Family Feud.


Thankfully it didn’t put a bad taste in my mouth regarding the show Family Feud because that Steve Harvey and the “Celebrity Family Feud” show is FUNNY! Seriously, check it out!

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