I overheard a mom talking to her daughter as they were walking along the sidewalk in New York City. The girl was dilly dallying – climbing up on steps & touching every railing – essentially turning the walk into an exercise in gymnastics (or parkour). She was probably around 3 or 4 years old. As I was about to pass the two, the mom looks at her & says,

“How do you think Matilda will feel if you are late?”

That simple statement got me thinking: so many times when I’m running late I am so caught up in all the things that made/are making me late that I often don’t take in to account the person or people I’m late to meet.

Sure, we offer a curt “sorry” when we finally get to them & possibly explain the reason(s) we are late, but do we really take in to account their actual feelings? Are we truly sorry?

I hate it when I’m late, and in the past that tended to be often, but I’m really trying to be more mindful of my time management so it doesn’t happen as much. Sure, there will be things out of my control, no matter how good I am with my time. Things happen!

Now, I want to talk specifically to all those “creatives” or “artists” (of which I am one) who use their lifestyle or personality type as an excuse. I’m sorry, but it’s not an excuse. No, we shouldn’t just anticipate or expect you (or anyone) to be late all the time, either.

For all of you who have waited for one of these types & told them, when they arrived late, that it’s okay: why? It probably isn’t okay! You’re probably frustrated (or like me, I tend to get bored or awkward in the waiting).

Time is valuable, people!

  • You need to value other’s time & work harder, despite your vocation or personality type, to be more punctual. Think: “How would it make _____ feel that you are late?” Truly?!
  • If you were the one waiting, stop pretending that it was/is okay! No more buying the excuses. Let them know how it feels! We need to stop letting it be socially acceptable that they are late & hopefully they will start to understand and get better at time management.

You know what, if you are reading this, I give you permission to call me on my tardiness! Let me know how it makes you feel.

Let’s have faith that they can do better, that we can be better, that I can get better.

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